Concierge services

High-class concierge service is a very demanding occupation. At seasonal-rental time, to detect a remaining seat on a booked-up plane, to privatize a Michelin-starred restaurant, to make the impossible possible is the concierge’s daily life. So that the seasonal rental runs smoothly and the customer is satisfied, it is of utmost importance that the concierge service be efficient.

Janitorial Services

With BARNES Luxury Rentals, the most sought-after services during a rental are the following :

  • Chef on demand,
  • Valet parking,
  • Rental of luxury chauffeured-vehicles or self-drive,
  • Sports coaches, pilate lessons on demand or at the gym,
  • Hair-dresser, barber, cosmetic procedures and masseur on demand,
  • House staff, baby-sitter
  • Yacht or helicopter rental.